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Saturday, March 14, 2009

New member of the family

For my birthday, we welcomed a new member of the family!

Please welcome Alfredo Pescatore. We call him Freddy, for short.

feb and march 2009 022

When he goes incognito, his alias is Alfred Fishman…

feb and march 2009 024

Alfredo is an oranda, which is a type of goldfish. We picked him out because he was very lively and danced in front of us in the pet store. He is very cute and this morning he was sleeping on the bottom of his bowl!


Anonymous said...

this is your Mom. I wanted you to know that I think my grandfish is absolutely beautiful! I hope you enjoy everyday of this lovely fish life. His bowl is plenty big and very nicely decorated. Love you!

QP said...

Thank you, "restricted"!